Individual Competitions

Don’t forget to report to the MC or you risk being scratched.  It’s not, down to the MC to find you.

Any player/team unable to attend their fixture must contact 07715 636595 by text BEFORE 4PM on the day of the fixture.

Any player failing to attend and/or reporting to the MC by the deadline of 7:30pm will be scratched from the competition.  They will also incur a penalty of a 1 point deduction for their respective league team.

Report means making sure the MC knows you’re there. It is your responsibility.

Singles Format

Up to Quarter-Finals best of 5 frames
Quarter-Finals best of 7 frames
Semi-Final best of 9 frames and the
Final to be best of 11 frames.

Doubles Format

Up to Semi-Finals best of 5 frames 
Semi-Final best of 7 frames and the
Final to be best of 9 frames.

Sunday 5th December 2021 19:30

Weston Pool League
Draw for Last 37 KO Draw for League Individual KO cat1 (straight knockout)

To be played at allstars

Nick Sibley(Breaking Bad) v Bye
Alex Cameron(De-ciders) v Matt Heal(Deep Screw) T14
Jason Marsh(Breaking Bad) v Sam Mitchell(Breaking Bad) T17
Dave Lazowski(Anti-socials) v Jason Heath(Originals) T15
Graham Hughes(Breaking Bad) v Paul Rossiter(Anti-socials) T16

The following have byes

Aaron Maloney(Anti-socials) v Bye
Daniel Skinner(Afd’s) v Bye
Jon Bradbury(Breaking Bad) v Bye
Ben Gilson(Regency Rapscallions) v Bye
Ryan Fisher(Ministry Of Pool) v Bye
Rich Cordy(Breaking Bad) v Bye
Ash Warwick(Anti-socials) v Bye
Dave Butler(Originals) v Bye
Joe Noszkay(Gurneys) v Bye
Dan Howe(Gurneys) v Bye
Dan West(Originals) v Bye
Joe Jarad(Gurneys) v Bye
Darren Selman(Scrotes) v Bye
Ben Narbrough(Afd’s) v Bye
Tom Perrett(Gurneys) v Bye
Chadd Heath(Originals) v Bye
Tich Williams(Anti-socials) v Bye
Gaz Jones(Breaking Bad) v Bye
Mark Connell(49 Club) v Bye
Martin Coldicott(Breaking Bad) v Bye
Elliott Stott(Regency Rapscallions) v Bye
Nigel Dymock(Anti-socials) v Bye
Mark Bell(Scrotes) v Bye
Ben Puttnam(Breaking Bad) v Bye
Jason Jenkins(Scrotes) v Bye
Malcolm Dorrington(De-ciders) v Bye
Paul Sturmey(Gurneys) v Bye

January next year so will be sorted before then

Weston Pool League
KO Draw (straight knockout)

Weston Pool League
KO Draw (straight knockout)

Only one Pairing for this draw is here

All others have a Bye

It is the winners’ responsibility to ensure the result is submitted.

If an opponent failed to show up, please put this in the comments box.

Deadline for result 12:00, on the Thursday following the match.